Residential Electrician : Inside

Prairie Electric offers full-service, turnkey electrical residential repair and work for inside your home, which includes service, maintenance and installation.

New Construction

We serve some of the largest homebuilders in the Pacific Northwest, working on all types of projects such as multi-family housing, custom homes and new communities, to name a few.

Specialties are:

Home Technology

Our goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable through the use of home technology, particularly within security and entertainment.

We do pre-wires as well as complete turnkey solutions for:

  • Cameras – Truvision IP cameras and NVR’s
  • Controlled lighting – Lutron Radio Ra 2
  • Home audio – Sonos Connect: amp’s with Klipsch speakers
  • Security – DSC security system.
  • Computer networking
  • Surround Sound – Denon receivers with Klipsch speakers.
  • Coax (for cable TV/Dish) and Ethernet wiring. Cat 6, RG6 and LV panels.

Electrical Home Wiring

The electrical system in your home is more important than ever. With the amount of electronic devices used at home today we understand how to design and install your electrical system to meet your needs now and in the future.

Other services are:

  • Provide CAD drawings during pre-planning phase
  • Assist homebuilder with electrical code guidelines
  • Extensive design and pre-planning to ensure electrician is completely ready to start wiring

Service / Calls / Support

We make ourselves available to handle any electric issues inside the house. For more information, please refer to our Services page.

For warranty work, we’ve developed a FAQ page, just in case you’re able to resolve the issue yourself. Please don’t take on an issue you don’t feel comfortable performing.

In short, we aren’t one of those “set it and forget it” companies that leaves you with a system you hardly understand. We stand behind the products we install. Pride in our work is what separates us from other electric companies and what keeps builders, electrical inspectors and homeowners pleased.