Residential : Outside

Prairie Electric is just as proficient outside your home as we are on the inside. From exterior lighting, power for an accessory building to wiring an entire subdivision, we have the manpower and resources to complete any residential project.

Subdivision Design

  • Design, construct and maintain electrical distribution circuit
  • Transformer installation
  • Street light installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Trenching and wiring
  • Installing meters

Underground utility / Traffic signals / Lighting

We offer turnkey utility design and installation for medium- and high-voltage wiring. Specialties include:

  • Traffic signal installations
  • Retrofits to existing traffic signals
  • Interconnect cable
  • Excavating services for utility ditches
  • Fire preemption systems
  • Video camera installation
  • Ramp meter monitoring
  • Illumination systems
  • Lighted crosswalks
  • Ornamental street lighting


At Prairie, we’ve installed hundreds of generators for homeowners. We’ll take care of the entire process, from excavating and pouring the concrete pad to completing the installation by coordinating with the gas piping contractor.

We’re also able to install automatic transfer switches. These detect interruptions to the grid and seamlessly switch your power source from the utilities to your own supply. They can also automatically start your generator, whether you’re home or not.

Like generators, automatic transfer switches can be very dangerous to install yourself, and they require the services of a professional. They also need to be permitted and inspected by the local electrical inspector.

Call Prairie Electric

Prairie Electric has been proudly servicing the Pacific Northwest since 1981. We work clean, work hard, and always make sure to stay on schedule. We provide high-quality and reliable work so that builders can focus on their work and not have to worry about us.

Even further, our stockpiles of resources means we always have the supplies to take on any sized project. If you have an upcoming residential project, contact Prairie Electric to be the electric company that gets the job done.