An electronic car charger in Portland ORHave you recently decided to make the switch to an electric car?

Making the trade to gas pump to plug in is a great way to travel, but with electric vehicles, you will need to plan ahead a bit and be sure you have the right charging station ready to use at all times. Your new car needs to be ready to go when you are!

Here are some helpful tips in understanding the basics about electric vehicle charging:

Level 1 Charging

This basically just means you are going to plug your car into a regular household outlet at home. If you don’t want to invest in a charging station and decide to do this, you should note that you will not be able to charge your car quickly. Every hour of charging there will usually only add 4 miles of charge to the car, so it could take hours to get it charged enough to drive anywhere of any significant distance. If you keep the car plugged in overnight while you sleep, this could be a good option, if you don’t plan on driving more than 40 miles in the next day.

Level 2 Charging

A Level 2 charger is well worth the investment if you’re looking to charge your car quickly and efficiently. They can charge at a variety of charging speeds, all the way up to about 70 miles per hour of charging. Nissan is one company that recommends that electric car owners use a Level 2 charging station. Our team has extensive experience with installing these chargers and is happy to set one up for you.

DC Fast Charging

This is the fastest type of battery chargers on the market right now and it can charge the vehicle up to 40 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging. These require more power than your household needs, so it’s not something that you would use at home. These are stations that you will see in public and are very convenient for electric car owners to charge while they run errands. Grab a mocha, plug your car in for a quick charge, and be your way.

If you do decide to install a charger at home, research tax credits and rebates that may be available as there are sometimes federal, city, or state rebates for installations of this nature.

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