Why Journeymen Electricians Choose Prairie Electric

Discover why skilled electricians choose Prairie Electric for their career journey.

As a journeymen electrician, you’ve almost made it to the top of the ladder in the electrical trade, just one rung down from master electrician. You’ve got the training and skill to tackle challenging jobs. But where do you find them? 

Prairie Electric is attracting the attention of ambitious journeymen electricians because of the range of their projects, their stability, and their reputation for integrity and professionalism. Prairie Electric has jobs that let electricians test their mettle and stretch their skills.

Here is a closer look at why journeymen electricians are choosing Prairie.

Interesting, Challenging Projects

Everyday electrical jobs are the bread and butter of an electrical career. That does not have to be the entirety of your career as a journeyman electrician, and at Prairie Electric, it won’t be. With the variety of projects, contracts, and unique electrical orders that come in, the range and scope of your work will constantly be changing. 

Do you crave variety in your job? Do you want to work on really cool projects? How about an electrical panel for an aerospace project simulator? Or electrical systems for a salad manufacturing food processing plant, all 320,000 square feet of it?

Do you like the idea of working on cutting edge video management, A/V and structured cabling for Cinetopia? Or IMAX at the Evergreen Aviation Museum? How about distribution controls for a wine and spirits distributor?

Of course Prairie Electric also does more traditional electrical projects like grade schools, high schools, universities, office buildings, and apartments. Prairie handles wiring for custom homes, factories, pump stations, city lighting, and traffic lighting.

For over 30 years, Prairie Electric has earned a reputation for tackling all types of electrical jobs, traditional and state-of-the-art. When you join the team, you are part of a dynamic, innovative company.

High Standards

Ambitious journeymen seek out companies that have a reputation for high standards and quality craftsmanship. Prairie Electric is known for its integrity and commitment to getting the job done right. Available for projects 24/7, the company takes pride in delivering jobs on time.

With such an array of commercial and residential work, Prairie Electric expects versatility from its journeymen. The company has a can-do attitude that encourages initiative and problem solving. 

Job Security and Great Benefits 

Since Prairie first started in 1981, they have emphasized the value of long-term relationships with their customers, over short-term gains. Electricians prefer to work with a company built on such a stable foundation and solid reputation.

Prairie Electric offers journeymen electricians a full benefit package, including health and dental for both individuals and family. It has a 401k plan, paid vacation and holidays. For easier commuting, the company also offers carpool options. Paydays are every Wednesday, when free popcorn is also served!

Work for Prairie Electric

Up for a challenge? Looking for a stable work environment that respects and rewards ability and initiative? Check out opportunities at Prairie Electric today!

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