Panel Recall: QO Plug-On Neutral Load Center

Stay informed about the latest panel recall and what steps you need to take if your QO Plug-On Neutral Load Center is affected.

Schneider Electric/Square D recently sent out a recall notice for their QO Plug-On Neutral Load Center panels, citing the faulty installation of a wire binding screw within the unit. This screw could potentially not be appropriately tightened to the plug-on-neutral bar of the panel. If the screw was not properly tightened, the unsecured joint could result in “losing the neutral connection and potentially lead to overheating at the load.”

This could lead to a hazardous situation over time, including thermal burn and fire hazards, which could cause personal injury or damage to the home. The panels in question were produced between Feb. 1, 2020, and Jan. 12, 2022, at a single plant. The panel was available to homeowners, home builders, and electrical contractors directly from Schneider Electric, home improvement stores, and hardware stores.

For More Information
Schneider Electric currently has a toll-free number set up to field questions and provide more information about the recall and also offers online chat or service request form options. If your home does have an affected panel, an inspection, repair or replacement will be provided free of charge. Contact information, as well as a list of impacted catalog numbers, can be found here.

If you have a Schneider Electric panel and want to see if your unit is on the list, simply open the panel cover and look at the diagram sticker on the inside of the panel door. On the right-hand side of the sticker (which may be placed vertically), you should see the catalog number in larger lettering.

Panel Recall: QO Plug-On Neutral Load Center

Prairie Electric’s Response

Prairie Electric prides itself on providing high-quality service, putting a premium on safety protocols and measures. We are currently in contact with all of our home builders to perform the necessary fixes to this brand and model of the panel. This particular model was used primarily in single and multi-family residences.

The repair itself is relatively quick. After turning off the main breaker and removing the panel cover, the screw is tightened to the appropriate torque. The panel cover is put back and the power is restored. If an inspection reveals a replacement is needed, we will address that situation at the time of the visit. We can perform this inspection if your unit was installed by Prairie Electric or not.

If you have concerns about the QO Plug-On Neutral Load Center panel recall, please call Schneider Electric or your home builder directly. We are currently unable to field recalls regarding the recall as we may not have all of the information necessary to handle your claim. Thank you for your understanding.

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