Safe Alternatives to Deadly Space Heaters

Warm up safely this winter with our top-rated space heater alternatives.

Have you been sleeping with a space heater on?  One hundred ninety people die every year in space-heater-related accidents. Space heaters are the riskiest way to power through Winter.  Find non-lethal solutions to keep it cozy. Prairie Electric can recommend, design, and install alternatives to safely heat any space, in an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

Don’t Be A Statistic

From 1999-2002 there were about 9,900 residential fires each year related to portable or stationary space heaters.  More recently, inappropriate space heater use caused fires in two Oregon homes. Choosing safer, more regulated heating options could have prevented these crises.

Local Choices

Eliminate the hidden risks and expense of old-fashioned space heaters with choices like overhead heating, or wall units or floor heating in strategic spots.  The options are usually simple to install, and Prairie Electric only carries quality products. Made right here in Clark County by Cadet Heat, a popular overhead unit called the Hot One works safely and effectively to heat garage or shop spaces. Overhead heating eliminates the risk of space heaters being tripped over and accidentally touched by kids or pets.  From energy-conscious homeowners to the Oregon Department of Transportation, Prairie Electric has customized perfect solutions for each and every client.

A Risk That Costs You Money!

A misperception about space heaters is that they save money. This is false. If a dozen pages of recent recalls from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) do not show their low value, think in terms of cost. Portable or stationary, space heaters use much more money/energy than necessary to heat a small area.  Space heaters use so much power to heat one portion of a room that they often overload a building’s old, below-code wiring. This means they are not just inefficient, they are the most dangerous way to heat a room. An oversized unit can even deplete a room of oxygen, which means losing money/heat through needed means of ventilation, and/or risk of suffocation.

Lower your risk of fiery death, and your energy costs, with electric wall heaters or floor heating.

They are so tiny and simple to install that Cadet Perfectoe heaters fit in recreational vehicles, bathrooms, and hearths. Don’t let lack of wall space be a factor in freezing your tootsies off, this unit only needs 3 ½ inches of height for installation, fitting easily under cabinets or stairs.

Thermostat-controlled floor heating is so safe it can be installed in showers and saunas. Ideal for home, mats come with a warranty, providing soothing warmth to tile, stone, laminate, or engineered wood floors. Prairie Electric is an experienced installer of this energy-efficient option, which can be customized to almost any room.  The cable method of in-floor heating is a very popular choice for green builders, as well.

Despite encouraging an 8-point safety check, the CPSC found that most consumers do not always thoroughly review the models they are using before plugging in. People use recalled or old units with damaged cords and fans, putting themselves, families, livestock and equipment at risk. Users often plug space heaters into outlets or extension cords which simply cannot handle the load.  Extension cords can only handle a certain amperage, which is why they should never be used with space heaters.  Additional hazards are created by placing heaters near furniture, drapes and baths.  People leave the heaters unattended in barns, or while sleeping, against the advice of fire marshals and the manufacturers.

Looking to save money and stay toasty the rest of season? Keep your family out of the statistics and choose the professionals at Prairie Electric to keep safe and warm. Have questions? Contact us! We’re here for you!

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