Home Rewiring: Signs Your Home Needs to be Rewired

Spot signs indicating your home requires rewiring.

Staying on top of the status of your home’s internal wiring is crucial to prevent more serious issues, such as wiring frying and electrical fires starting due to poorly insulated or old wires. The electrical wiring of your home can decay just like any other part of the house, and should be kept up to date to ensure that your home is protected against future electrical fires. Along with this, home rewiring projects can help lower your electric bill, and can lead to fewer burnt out bulbs. Here are a few indicators that your home may be in need of new wiring.

Signs of outdated home electrical wiring

Vancouver electrician doing a home rewiring jobIf you have noticed that some outlets have a darker coloration or are prone to burning out when unplugging things from them, this is a clear sign that the electrical wiring of your home should be examined by an electrician. In addition, if you experience electrical shocks when unplugging or plugging in electronic devices, or your outlets do not feature a grounding socket, these are all indicators that your home needs rewiring and should be checked by an electrician. Another sign that you may need a home rewiring job is if your house is prone to blown fuses or light bulbs, as this can indicate poor load capacity bearing and can lead to shorted out wiring and fire hazards.

Another way to tell that your home is due for an electrical inspection is if it is over 40 years old. Just like the tires on a car, your home wiring wears out over time, and can become less effective and more prone to dangerous incidents. If the lights in your house flicker constantly when left on, or you experience intense power surges when turning on newer appliances, such as a microwave, it may be time to have your home rewired. Trained electrical specialists can help you plan for the rewiring of your home, and are specially outfitted to check for areas of concern, like fried electrical outlets or extension cords, and constantly blown fuses.

Home rewiring experts in Vancouver, WA

If you are concerned that your home may need electrical rewiring, or you have any other electrical concerns, feel free to contact Prairie Electric. We are happy to answer any question you may have about the electrical safety of your home, and are committed to keeping your home safe and hazard free. If your home has any of the above listed issues, or you have other worries to discuss, we are more than happy to help you feel safe and secure with a home rewiring job or any electrical services you may need.

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