Do I need an emergency electrician?

Discover when to call in the emergency electrician for urgent electrical issues.

When the power goes out, it’s difficult to know if the unexpected outage will last 10 minutes or 10 hours. If you’re relying on electricity for medical equipment or heat in the dead of winter, circumstances can turn deadly. In addition, electrical problems such as a burning smell or smoking outlets can be signs of a dangerous electrical fire. For these issues and more, you’ll likely need an emergency electrician.

However, before calling an emergency electrician, take these two steps first:

  • Check if your neighborhood’s power is out too, or if it’s just your house. If your neighbors in the area also experiencing a power outage, this is likely an issue with the utility provider. In those cases, you call your city utility company first.
  • If the electrical issues are only affecting your home, reset the main breaker in your house. If this does not restore power, it’s time to call for electrician emergency service.

When to call an emergency electrician

Smoking power outlets

Power outlets that have smoke coming from them can be incredibly dangerous. This is a common way that electrical fires start in the home. As soon as you notice a power outlet that’s burning or smoking, take the following steps:

  • DO NOT TOUCH the smoking outlet. It’s likely very hot and can have resistive electricity surging through it that will electrocute anyone who touches it.
  • Take care to examine your main breaker. Turn it off if there’s no smoke or damage present. If the breaker is smoking, don’t touch it and exit the home.
  • Call the fire department and wait for them to handle the rest.
  • After that, call for electrician emergency service

Because electrical fires are incredibly destructive and dangerous, it’s critical you call 911 as soon as you see a smoking power outlet to prevent a major fire.

Heater stops working

Harsh winter conditions can sneak up on us in Washington state. In certain situations, especially when the temperature dips below freezing, having a power outage can become deadly for the inhabitants of the home. When the heater or furnace turns off, call an emergency electrician in Washington to get the power back on. Homes with elderly members or young children are especially vulnerable.

Evening & weekend electrical service

Electrical problems never seem to arise when it’s most convenient. Prairie Electric also offers 24 hour electricians to tackle power outages and other electrical issues. Whether it be weekends or evenings, our electricians are available.

Emergency electrician in Vancouver, WA

Electrical outages don’t just happen during bad storms – they can happen on bright sunny days with no warning. And when you have no chance to prepare. Prairie Electric knows that when electrician emergency arises, it’s serious. Contact us for emergency electrical service and to speak with a Vancouver electrician for help on what to do next.  

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