Are On-Q Home Systems Worth It?

Explore the value of On-Q home systems for enhancing your living space.

The world’s getting smarter and it’s no surprise that homes are too.

On-Q’s home systems have hundreds of separate products, from lighting control to audio to cameras and intercoms. This system is designed to innovate the way we live, and to connect the entire network of the home so you can function seamlessly within it.

Ultimately, though, On-Q Home Systems are designed to provide two things: convenience and safety. And for those, we think it’s something quite valuable for homeowners to purchase. We’ll elaborate.

The entire home in your control

When you install On-Q home system, you are able to control the home’s functions through a simple app. This allows you to take control of all facets of your system (audio, lighting, security) though your iOS or Android device.

You can also do things like regulate your home’s thermostat and lighting by setting them to an automatic schedule. Your lighting can be turned off completely by just tapping the face of your Apple Watch.

Best of all, the controlling app (Intuity) has a very user-friendly design and easy-to-read interface.

Secure yourself with peace of mind

One of the homeowner’s main benefits from On-Q home systems is the assuredness provided through high-quality security cameras. These cameras are sophisticated enough to capture vivid images, both indoors and outdoors as well as within complete darkness.

Even better, you are able to monitor your home’s security remotely. That means you can get notifications for things like someone ringing your doorbell, the alarm being tripped, or breaches of entry.

The ultimate at-home entertainment system

The biggest benefit of On-Q Home Systems would be the entertainment potential. Most people opt for the home theater, as the On-Q/Legrand Home Theater Connection Kit allows all wiring to be connected without being exposed or getting tangled.

The multi-room audio and state-of-the-art gaming capabilities also make this system ideal for entertaining guests and for young video game enthusiasts.

Let it be done by professionals

At Prairie Electric, we specialize in installing cutting edge home technology, especially the most innovative products from Legrand and their On-Q systems.

Unlike other electric companies, we won’t leave until you know exactly how your system works (after all – why have a state-of-the-art system if you don’t know how to use it?). Our installations are clean, quick and professional.

Read into our security & home theater services.

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