Sonos HiFi In Your Home

Transform your space with Sonos HiFi audio solutions.

If you are looking to add atmosphere to your home, a new sound system may do the trick. Music makes every get-together better and can renew and motivate you as you go about your daily work, exercise routines, and relaxation time. However, relying on an old boom box or outdated sound system to deliver the ambience you need is far from inspiring and can lead to toiling over complex cables and control panels to get the coordinated sound you want, or blasting speakers in one room so you can hear the music in another (hello, irritated neighbors!).

For all of these reasons, we at Prairie Electric are proud to specialize in Sonos HiFi Wireless speakers and audio components installation. This exceptional system unites your entire digital music collection into a single app that you can control wirelessly from any of your electronic devices. Doing so allows you to almost-magically play the music you want to hear in any given room, at any given time.

Whole Home Sound System . . . Without the Complications

Using the Sonos Controller App, you can browse and play music from any of your devices. You can stream different songs in each room, or group rooms together under the same “musical umbrella,” all by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Sonos wireless speakers are custom-designed for every space in your home and play the perfect-pitch at any volume in any room – or all of them at once. Want to use your own speakers? No problem! You can stream the Sonos system through your stereo (using an AV reciever), your speakers, or portable Sonos ZonePlayers, which have speakers.

Love tracks from your i-pod? You can stream music originating in a CD players, i-pod, or any other device with a headphone jack, minus the complicated in-wall controllers or ceiling speakers with control panels that accompanied older whole-home music systems.

A Whole New System

Sonos is a system that syncs with your everyday life: your devices, your rooms, your mood and preferences. However, the system is a world unto itself, and has its own terms, names of products, etc.

At Prairie Electric, we are ready and able to help you better understand the new terminology and install the Sonos system, so you can enjoy your favorite jams, pronto. Need to take apart your old system to make room for the new, or sync your old speakers with Sonos products? Call Prairie today with all of your installation questions. We’re happy to help!

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