Think choosing a lighting type for your business means big spending? Think again. Today’s lighting options include technologies that allow you to light your building for less. High efficiency fluorescents, nLIGHT technology, and LED systems are three options that both save you money and provide superior lighting quality. Choose the options best for your business and get ready for a lighting win-win!


Indoor lighting should provide two basic functions:

  • Adequate light
  • Appropriate atmosphere

Depending on your type of business, the following lighting technologies offer options that not only provide the type of light you want, but offer an ease of use and affordability necessary to make your lighting goals a reality.

1. Fluorescents: Fluorescent lighting remains the most widely used in commercial applications because lamps are able to closely mimic daylight and have high light output, perfect for seeing details. While you may consider fluorescent lighting outdated, today’s high-efficiency,T-5 tubes are so bright they can be used in high-ceiling applications. Bonus: many local utilities offer rebate programs to help commercial and industry customers replace old lighting with high efficiency fluorescents, so you can make your initial investment over time.

 2. LED technology: LEDs, or Light-Emitting Diodes, are semiconductor-based light sources used by businesses in everything from advertising signage to general lighting. Using LED technology saves up to 80-95% of costs over other lighting methods. While your initial investment to purchase and install this technology will be higher than installing other types of lighting, power savings will result in a net gain for your business.

3. nLIGHT: To compound the benefits of using high efficiency lighting, many companies are turning to nLIGHT, a digital networking technology that integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls for easy, cost-effective lighting management. This system cuts energy costs by up to 40% and has the capability to make independent decisions about switching and dimming, saving user effort and minimizing energy output in each room while maintaining appropriate light levels. Lighting that does the thinking for you? No brainer!

If saving power and cutting costs are your business goals, consider implementing energy-saving bulbs and systems, including high-efficiency fluorescents, LED lighting, and digital systems such as nLIGHT. Have questions? Consult your trusted electrician on what lighting choices best suit your business.