Electrical distribution system designers

Are you in need of a new or improved electrical distribution system design? You’ve come to the right place. The award-winning experts at Prairie Electric have both the knowledge and expertise to get your electrical systems up and running in no time.

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An electrical distribution system is one of the most important building blocks of any home or business. If done improperly, you could potentially pay thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Every home or business will require a specific electrical load in order to run properly. If the load is set too low, you will run into power problems. By hiring Prairie Electric, you are ensuring that your load will be properly calculated and implemented.

Electrical Distribution System Considerations
Our electrical engineers will take into consideration a number of factors during the electrical distribution system design process. Including, but not limited to:

  • The current and future functions of the structure
  • Which sources of power are available
  • The continuity and quality of the available power
  • Demand and diversity factors of loads
  • Installation methods
  • Types of lighting systems
  • Electric utility requirements

Types of Electrical Distribution Systems
Our system design engineers will utilize their knowledge to determine which type of distribution system is best suited for your needs. The types of systems include:

  • Simple medium-voltage radial
  • Loop-primary system – radial secondary system
  • Primary selective system – secondary radial system
  • Two-source primary – secondary selective system
  • Sparing transformer system
  • Simple spot network
  • Medium-voltage distribution system design

Lighting Layout
Planning exterior lights at your new home, apartments, or subdivision is another of our new construction electrical services. Lighting can be ornamental, designed for safety and security, or needed for code, we can help you pick out the right fixture, bulbs, and spacing for your lights. This includes exterior signage, lights along pathways or sidewalks, apartment parking lots, and street lighting.

Electric Car Chargers
As electric cars continue to grow in numbers, the ability to charge from home is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Whether it’s a single station at your home or a bank of spaces at an apartment complex, the electrical installation of chargers will make it more convenient for electric car owners to top off their batteries.

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